The Top Adolescent Tutoring Positions Online

Tutoring Positions Online

The Top 9 Adolescent Tutoring Careers Available Online

Tutoring Positions Online have you ever heard someone refer to you as a geek because you excel in a certain academic subject?

Let’s put our “nerdiness” to good use and become tutors to earn some money!

“Wait? I believed that tutoring was solely available to professors and academic experts.

Nope! You are mistaken.

Tutoring Positions Online

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It turns out that teaching is a fantastic career. Giving other students academic assistance and instruction as a tutor allows you to make money.

The great thing about tutoring is that you don’t have to have 37 years of education and be an English professor. You don’t need to be fluent in trigonometry or have four Yale or Harvard master’s degrees.

Notwithstanding all the internet clichés, you may support yourself as a teacher and pursue your passion for English literature or algebra… and start generating income!

Let’s look at a few good questions that people have been asking before we go into our list of these reputable online tutoring jobs for adolescents and high school students.

Is it Possible for a Teen to Teach Online?

YES! Undoubtedly, an adolescent can work as an internet instructor.

I’ll talk about several amazing websites that let teenagers utilize their skills as tutors. People may work online and make more than $20 per hour. Moreover, on certain websites, you may make an absurd $50 every hour.

If you’re younger than 18, many of these websites would need a parent or guardian to set up an account for you.

Yet, some do let you make a career, mentor other students, and spread your talents over the globe. (Even though a hall permit is still required to use the restroom.)

Is Tutoring Online a Good Job?

YES! YES! YES! A fantastic employment for teenagers and college students is tutoring.

This is due to the fact that it enables you to work from home, saving you money and time on travel.

Also, you may plan a tutoring schedule around your obligations at work and school.

Consider the scenario when you spend eight hours a day in class. Five days a week, you may spend two to three hours tutoring online. At $20 an hour, you’re making more than $60 a day.

That’s a side job earning more than $1,200 monthly.

Of course, if you work more, you can make more money, but for those just starting out, this is a fantastic source of revenue.

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Let’s now explore 17 distinct online tutoring positions for teens.

The Top 17 Online Careers for Teen Tutors (High-Paying)

This list is appropriate for high school pupils as well as college students.

1. PalFish

One of the most well-liked tutoring programs for Chinese students learning English online is PalFish. While you may choose your own fees, the average instructor makes between $14 and $22 USD per hour.

You need to be a native English speaker to instruct on PalFish. While you may choose your own prices and hours, a weekly commitment of at least 10 hours is required.

Each instruction lasts for 25 minutes, and you are paid per session. If you are scheduled for back-to-back classes, there is a five-minute break between each one.

The ability to teach from a phone or tablet is what I enjoyed most about this platform. Hence, even if you’re a kid without access to a desktop computer or are always on the road, you may still earn additional money by teaching English online.

2. Cambly

A platform for online ESL tutoring called Cambly pays tutors $10.20 for educating adults and $12 for teaching children per hour.

You must be at least 18 years old and a natural English speaker in order to work as an instructor with Cambly. As a result, as a teen, you may need to seek your parents for assistance in setting up an account.

You may work as little or as much as you like since there is no commitment necessary. You may establish your own hours and work from a PC or mobile device with Cambly.

Also, you are not need to have a bachelor’s degree, previous work experience, or a teaching credential to enroll in Cambly. To apply, you must be a native English speaker, and it may take up to 30 days for your application to be granted.

3. Outschool

By the use of an online platform called Outschool, instructors may have live, small-group lessons with their pupils. You may establish your own hourly charge as a tutor (often $15–$50/hour), but bear in mind that Outschool deducts 30% as compensation.

One benefit of teaching on Outschool is that you may approve to teach almost anything, from cooking and gardening to SAT preparation and computer programming.

Also, there is no interview requirement and no need for a degree or prior teaching experience, but you must be at least 18 years old to apply. The instructor must also be a permanent resident of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom.

Out-of-school lessons typically last 30 to 60 minutes and are booked in advance. You may choose your own hours, but you must commit to a weekly plan. You might make much more money if more people join up for your course.

4. Preply

Preply is a fantastic platform since it gives you the option to educate more than 50 different disciplines.

With Preply, you may begin teaching and turn it into a reputable company. Just submit an application, and you will hear back within 2-4 days.

They take great pleasure in their guarantee payment procedures, which is one item that jumped out. You won’t ever have to be concerned about receiving your money safely and on schedule.

You’re insured by Preply.

5. CourseHero

Students may obtain assistance with their studies and make money by tutoring on the website Course Hero. English-speaking tutors get payment for responding to students’ queries; the going rate is $3 per response.

The application procedure is easy, and you can begin working right away, but you should be aware that the salary isn’t that fantastic and that you’ll need to answer several questions in order to earn a respectable hourly income.

While you don’t need a teaching degree, certification, or experience, there is no assurance that you will be accepted since the approval process works like a lottery.


Want to make $20 an hour or more?

Jooble is the only place to look. A daily posting of jobs is made on this website. This is the ideal location for instructors and students to connect.

So that you never miss a chance to make money, you may get notifications for open positions on your phone. This website’s employment listings are fantastic since they mention the student’s budget. You may either accept it or look for employment with a higher salary. You are in charge!

Other websites that offer teaching jobs have set rates; here, you may decide how much you’re willing to work for.

7. Tutapoint 

This teaching site has been available since 2007. Although you must be more than 18 years old, this is a wonderful option for college students to make additional money teaching.

This organization is an award-winning teaching platform as well, therefore they have a good reputation and quality.

Although this platform is a little bit difficult to get on the list to coach for… it’s worth the attempt. Who knows, you could be able to become a great instructor!

8. Tutor Eye

At Tutor Eye, you have the possibility to be 18 years old and start earning money as a Tutor.

Although this is a wonderful platform for expanding your Tutoring company there’s more to it.

You may build a profile to link you with other students and tutors to expand your tutoring company.

9. Prep Now

This is wonderful news because you don’t need a degree to work with one of the best tutoring programs.

Some instructors and professors on this website charge up to $200 per hour for their services. Uh-yes, please!

Although you may not be able to start that pace it highlights the progression and possibilities locations you can take coaching.

Most people feel that instructors and tutors are broke, but they don’t have to be. Not with such rates.

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10. Chegg

With Chegg, you have the option to become a Tutor at one of the best Tutoring sites in the world.

With their quick application procedure, you might get authorized in the following couple of days. And be on your way to earning over $20 an hour instructing your favorite topic.

What makes Chegg unusual is that the platform provides tutoring tasks to you. In contrast, most Tutoring websites need you to look for them yourself.

Build a flexible schedule that works for your life and objectives.

11. Care

Care may seem like simply another website for babysitting, but there are a ton of tutoring choices available.

This website is fantastic for matching up young folks with households who urgently want tutoring.

A legal guardian must assist you establish an account if you are between the ages of 14 and 17 (note). From there, they must assist you with employment applications.

You may choose your pay rate while working at Care, which is a benefit. For instance, 15-year-olds who tutor and educate on this platform may earn up to $50 per hour.

Sounds profitable, doesn’t it? Absolutely!

Tutoring Positions Online

12. Sittercity

Similar to the website The company SitterCity is well renowned for its child care offerings. Nevertheless, they also offer a fantastic database of tutoring opportunities.

Even though you must be 18 years old to register, this is a fantastic tool for obtaining tutoring employment.

You also have the awesome benefit of choosing your pay rate. Most tutoring websites charge a set rate. But, you may decide on your prices and start there.

You may want to start off with somewhat lower rates and then increase them later.

This is typical for most websites, and it’s OK to charge less initially. Simply keep in mind to gradually boost your prices.

13. Student Care

One of the first venues for tutoring was Tutor Care. You will have the chance to submit videos and conduct one-on-one tutoring sessions with your pupils.

You may start making money at Tutor Care right now by doing anything from evaluating home study issues to providing homework assistance.

Your parents will often assist you in setting up an account and will have given their permission.

Still, this is a great website to start coaching for money.

14. Udemy

Online learning site Udemy provides courses taught by professionals in a variety of subjects. You may design your own course on Udemy as a teen or high school student and make money by sharing your interests with others.

New teachers may start their online teaching careers on Udemy. The platform is an excellent option for individuals just starting out since it is simple to use and has many features.

You may design your own courses, establish your own fees, and reach millions of online students. It is a fantastic choice for people who wish to start teaching but lack the qualifications since a teaching certificate is not required.

Also, you may record your course once, and Udemy will take care of the rest, so you won’t need to attend one-on-one lessons. Whilst Udemy doesn’t do much to promote individual courses, bear in mind that you’ll need to advertise your courses.

15. Fiverr

Most people are familiar with Fiverr as a platform where freelancers may market their own work.

But did you know that you may establish your own jobs and tutoring services? In fact, you can!

You may choose your pay rates while creating a gig. Many will first set their prices on Fiverr extremely cheap.

Starting prices range from $5 to $15. This is because you want to start out with a base of 5-star ratings.

From there, you may expand your tutoring company and set your prices appropriately.

16. UpWork and  Tutoring Positions Online

The best place to find tutoring jobs online is on this website.

Although the minimum age to open an account is 18, there are specific circumstances when… For your account creation, UpWork will make an exception.

You may begin tutoring and building a reputation for yourself. From there, you should begin pitching your profile to your contacts on the website.

This is a fantastic method to get 5-star ratings and assist other students in achieving their goals.

17. Instagram Marketplace and Tutoring Positions Online

If none of the aforementioned solutions appeal to you, you may try advertise your tutoring services on Facebook Marketplace.

Just make a post advertising your services and include your contact information, hourly pricing, and credentials. Also, you may publish your offer in relevant Facebook groups by joining them.

You may discover students in your neighborhood by utilizing Facebook Marketplace, which has the advantages of being totally free to use. There is a lot of competition, therefore there is no assurance that you will locate any pupils.

Another drawback is that you’ll be responsible for organizing everything, including meeting times and venues.

What Tools Do I Need to Provide Tutoring Positions Online?

Although every configuration will be unique… You typically require two major pieces of equipment.

  • A laptop or PC with a functioning camera and microphone
  • Broadband internet

You may work as a tutor if you possess those two qualifications. The best part about this is that it doesn’t need a large initial investment to begin going.

Some other items of gear might include things like:

A delicate ring: When your camera is on, do this so that your student can see you more clearly.

Software for screen captures: You may use this to record your lessons on the screen. Some pupils struggle to study and absorb the content quickly.

This gives you the option to provide a bonus of screen recording so your student may still apply the lesson after the tutoring session is over.

Once again, very little equipment may be required to start working as an online instructor.

Why College Students and Teens Should Think About Tutoring?

For young people, tutoring is a fantastic opportunity since it teaches them some crucial life skills.

Number 1: It demonstrates how they can improve as learners. The finest learners are those who can impart their knowledge to others.

Number 2: They are able to share a passion of theirs via instructing. We study a great deal of topics in school that we don’t enjoy. With tutoring, you may choose a subject you like teaching and be paid for it!

Number 3: It enables pupils to later develop a strong résumé. This is relevant to future employment chances and scholarship prospects!

When you graduate, many companies and brands search for experience. Since you are putting in a lot of effort in school, why not create that experience?

This will provide you leverage so that you can beat out the competitors in the job market in the future.

Here are a few queries to consider and Tutoring Positions Online:

  • Which online tutoring positions caught your attention the most?
  • Why do you first wish to work as an online tutor?
  • What subject(s) do you love to teach and find enjoyable?

How to Increase Your Earnings As A Teen Tutoring Positions Online

You won’t have reviews when you initially begin your career as an online instructor.

It’s OK to undercharge in order to get greater credibility. You may earn a sizable revenue over time, and you’ll attract pupils.

This is predicated on the idea that as you get more evaluations, the momentum of your work will continue to grow.

Therefore keep in mind not to give up as you take your initial steps. Your firm can need some time to expand, and you know what?

It is totally OK!

Moreover, it’s critical to emphasize that everyone, regardless of age, ought to practice online safety.

A parent must often establish a profile for a kid on the sites mentioned above if the youngster is underage and present.

This is to put safety precautions into effect for instructors who are a little younger. You may always begin working online as a tutor, regardless of your age.

Last Words

Here they are: 17 distinct online tutoring positions for college students and teenagers aged 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17.

Overall, tutoring is a fantastic way to grow as a learner and instructor. The finest jobs are sometimes the ones you go out and create for yourself.

Hence, be sure to keep an eye out for business-growth prospects. Of course, it’s also a fantastic method to make money online.

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