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profile pictures

your best foot forward with your profile photo.

profile pictures may be turned into a stylish profile image that will get tons of likes, hearts, and comments. With our free photo editing tools, crop your image to the ideal size, then alter it as desired. Create great graphic design components like borders, logos, frames, and more. Alternatively you could just select one of our template options for profile pictures and call it a day.

Create stunning PFPs in a matter of minutes with Canva’s free profile picture maker, which combines a photo editor and design tools into one.

Making a profile image

Access Canva

Open Canva and go under “Profile Picture.” To use it for any social network PFP, you can also search for “Facebook Profile Frame.”

Pick a template for your profile photo.

Any template that you wish to use may be chosen. Another option is to begin with a 1:1 (square) canvas.

Publish your picture

Drag and drop the layout with your greatest photo after uploading it. Despite the layout being square, depending on the platform, most profile photographs are shown as circles.

Change your profile photo

To improve your picture, use the photo editor. Change the fonts, colors, and sizes of the graphic design components. Instead, use the icons and stickers in our media gallery.

Then publish and save

Your unique profile photo may be downloaded as a high-quality image or posted straight to your social networking profiles.

Edit your picture fast.

Delete your boring, generic profile pictures. You will only utilize attractive profile pictures moving forward. Use our picture editor to enhance and remix the portrait you’ve selected.

Make the most of your grin by using the Face Retouch tool. To enhance depth of field and change the focus point of the picture, use the Auto Focus tool. Use Auto Enhance to change the color’s intensity.

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Using simple sliders, you may adjust the brightness, contrast, color, saturation, and more. If you’re using Canva Pro, you may remove the background and replace it with any color or pattern by using the Background Remover tool. You may always refresh your display picture with confidence with our entertaining PFP creator.

Create online personas that accurately represent you

Create a nice profile photo that captures your personality. Choose from a variety of profile frames and themes that reflect your current mood. Observing Pride Day? Put rainbows in. Are you in the holiday spirit? Put a Santa sticker there. Adhere to whichever aesthetic you like. With eye-catching picture effects like Duotone, ColorMix, and Paint, or contemporary filters, you may transform your photos.

profile pictures

Want a polished appearance for something like your LinkedIn profile picture? Include simple designs that are relevant to your expertise. Adding logos and other brand assets to your PFP is simple if you’re a brand advocate.

Also, if you’re an influencer, you may create a profile picture that complements your unique brand.

Make sure you’re visible across all platforms.

You can use the profile picture creator on Canva to reuse one image across many social media platforms. Redesign the image and upload the finest one from your camera roll to each profile. Create an Instagram display image worthy of a double tap, then create a YouTube profile image to encourage subscribers. Create a humorous profile picture for Facebook, then create a funnier one for TikTok. Make profile pictures for sites like Twitter, Twitch, Gmail, and Discord. Regardless of the platform, your personalized profile image will look great.

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