How to Repair the iPhone 14 Pro’s Overheating Problem

iPhone 14 Pro


Overheating Problem some iPhone customers complain that their devices are constantly heating up, even when no CPU/GPU-demanding programs are open. Some claim that it starts to get a little warmer.

Usually, the top left corner of the iPhone screen or the right side of the camera bump are where this heating comes from. Users can feel it on the entire front of the screen after it radiates to the sides.

Rebooting the iPhone, according to an iPhone owner, fixed the overheating problem, while another user advises turning off the Always-On display.

Solution For iPhone 14 Overheating Problem

1. Disable the Always On feature.

Apple has officially released the new, always-on iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. While many people like this function, many are unaware that it uses more battery. The GPU must work harder since the screen consumes more energy and is always on. Your battery may be overheating as a result of your continual abuse.

You may achieve this by doing the following actions:

  • Launch Settings
  • Toggle Display and Brightness
  • To turn off the functionality, go down to Always On and toggle it off.
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2. On the iPhone 14, remove the lock screen widget.

You may now add widgets to your iPhone’s lock screen thanks to a recent update, but there is one drawback: doing so consumes too much battery life and iphone 14 pro max overheating while charging ongoing background processing. To protect your phone’s battery and avoid overheating, it is advised against placing many widgets on your lock screen.

3. Switch to low power

Your phone blocks all background applications and processes when you activate low power mode. The GPU will be released from pressure and keep from heating as a result.

Turning on or off Low Power Mode

  • choose Settings > Battery.
  • Through Control Center, you can also enable and disable Low Power Mode.
  • to customize controls, go to Settings > Control Center.
  • to add it to Control Center, choose Low Power Mode.
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4. Activate the auto-brightness function.

The brightness level is adjusted automatically based on the environment you are in. This is a really practical and simple approach to save battery and iphone 14 pro max overheating reddit stop it from heating up. This can be used as follows:

  • Access settings
  • access follows.
  • after that click Display & Text Size.
  • the Auto-Brightness setting
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5. Turn off background app refreshing

Even when you are not using an app, it may still operate in the background thanks to background app refresh. When you are not using the applications, this function enables the apps to connect to the internet and get updates. This drains the battery and puts more demand on it, which leads to overheating issues.

  • Choose Background App Refresh under Settings > General.
  • To totally disable Background App Refresh, choose Off from the Background App Refresh menu.
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6. Stop using Location Services

If you provide permission to utilizing or constantly detecting location, it is always active in the background. In addition to using up more energy, this results in warmth since it is always on. In addition to protecting your privacy, turning off location services is helpful for your battery.

  • Choose Location Services under Settings > Privacy.
  • After choosing an app, toggle Precise Location on or off.
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7. Deactivate Raise to Wake Up

Your phone’s screen will come ON as soon as you pick it up thanks to the raise to wake feature. This function already utilizes a lot of resources from the device in the background, which puts further strain on it. This might be the cause of your divide heating up. It is advised to disable this. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Go to Settings and choose Display & Brightness.
  • Thereafter, deactivate the toggle next to Raise to Wake.
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8. Do not use an iPhone 14 while it is charging.

Using your phone while it is charging reduces the life of the lithium-ion battery as well as the sound quality of your phone. The battery is depleted and charged simultaneously when you use your phone while it is charging. The battery becomes extremely stressed as a result, heating up. So, you must not use your phone while it is charging to prevent overheating.

9. Setup on iPhone 14 reset

Resetting your iPhone 14 is your last hope if none of these suggestions work. It has been shown that resetting the iPhone 14 has fixed a variety of issues with the device, including issues with Face ID and the Always-On display.

iPhone 14 Pro

A settings reset might resolve many problems that may be preventing your iPhone from using wireless charging by clearing them out of the Settings menu.

How to Factory Reset your iPhone 14 is shown below.

  • Open the Settings app on your phone or tablet.
  • Go down and choose Reset under General.
  • Just choose Wipe All Content and Settings.
  • If asked, enter your passcode.
  • To confirm your choice, choose Delete Now.
  • After done, your device will restart and reset.
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10. Turn off your iPhone 14

You should think about turning off your iPhone if you notice that the rear of the device begins to warm up while you are using it. The machine will run more efficiently and cool down if you turn off your phone. This may help with your overheating issue. Turning off will allow the heat to escape and allow your phone to cool.
Go to settings > General > Shut down to do this quickly.
overheating of a new iphone

11. Upgrade iPhone 14 to the most recent iOS version.

Your phone may be slow or stuttering because some individuals choose not to upgrade their iPhones to the most recent software to save storage.

Apple makes an effort to fix any flaws found in the prior version with each release. By upgrading your software, you can keep up with the most recent models and maybe get rid of any issues that could prevent your device from responding as quickly as you would want.

Looking for an iOS update?

  • Go to General under Settings on your iPhone.
  • If there is a pending update, it will appear here when you choose Software Update.
  • Install any new updates that you see are waiting on your phone.
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12. Returning or changing your iPhone 14

You may return or replace your iPhone 14 if it is overheating by calling Apple Help. Apple will arrange for your device to get a mail-in repair or exchange.

You may visit an Apple Store with your iphone 14 pro max problems or contact Apple Help to get help. How to carefully package and deliver your gadget for repair or replacement will be specified by Apple. Apple sometimes swaps out your iPhone with a brand-new or refurbished one.


You should be able to use your smartphone without concern for overheating now that you have fixed the overheating problem on the iPhone 14, Plus, Pro, and Pro Max by following Overheating Problem instructions provided in this article. It is advised to get in touch with Apple Help for further help if the problem continues.

It is crucial to keep in mind that the best course of action is almost always prevention. Future overheating problems with your device may be avoided by keeping it clean, free of dust and filth, and making sure it has proper ventilation.

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