There are now open online jobs for comedians.

jobs for comedians

Careers in Comedy Writing Are Now Available Online.

Jobs for comedians do you need some laughs? like making others laugh? Writing humor may provide the ideal amount of feel-good energy to make you and your readers grin.

When searching for methods to earn money writing, freelance comedy writing gigs provide a terrific option to do so if you have a talent for delivering amusing tales.

Have you heard any interesting tales or had any bizarre encounters that you may utilize to get a writing assignment for humor? Or maybe you just view things a bit differently than others do.

In this genre, fantastic tale concepts often start there.

The Reader’s Digest and The Saturday Evening Post are two examples of consumer publications that still maintain a designated space for humorous content.

There are still certain publications that just print comedy and satire, such as Cracked and The Funny Times.

In order to satisfy their consumers, several other marketplaces demand that every tale have some humor.

Do you have a joke to tell? Or do you want to try your hand at writing humor?

Check out these 14 comedy writing positions you can apply for right now if you’re looking for freelance writing work:

Are You Able To Obtain Writing Careers In Comedy?

Can you provide comedy in a reported story for a market that demands it?

How do you tell whether you have what it takes to get a job as a freelance comedy writer?

Start by researching the market, previous funny pieces, the intended audience, voice, and style.

I often reread some of the most memorable comedy articles I’ve read over the years when I need a giggle or a little motivation.

  • This unfortunate guy’s trip from hell that includes tumbling boulders, crash-landing an aircraft in a river and other lunacy
  • A super-flush toilet ripped a woman’s wrap-around skirt off shortly before she boarded an airplane.
  • And a lengthy list of parenting blooper articles on topics like the delights of poop-flinging toddlers and the parallels between an exorcism and brushing the hair of a 5-year-old girl

Ready for some funny writing assignments? Check out our list of the finest marketplaces (including entry-level comedy writing gigs!), read the requirements, and start pitching.

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The Greatest Comedy Writing Jobs to Pitch Right Now

1. Clubhouse

Clubhouse publications is produced by the Christian charity, Focus for the Family. It’s a children’s magazine geared for 8- to 12-year-old youngsters, and contains both fiction and non-fiction funny writing, says Editorial Director Jesse Florea. Examples include:

  • Quick, amusing how-to articles (e.g., how to obtain high grades, how to be a nice friend) (e.g., how to get good grades, how to be a good friend)
  • Fictional hilarious tales with a purpose (about 500 words) (around 500 words)

Rates: $150 to $200

2. Cracked

The print edition of Cracked magazine met a long and painful death in 2007, following a 50-year career as one of only a handful of outlets devoted to funny writing.

Thankfully, it continues on as, where editors Logan Trent and Cyriaque Lamar collaborate with authors to offer out laugh-out-loud satire and comedic writing in the form of articles, picture captions, list-posts and more. Here’s a little old page (the editorial staff has changed a bit since this was published in late 2019) but contains useful material for authors seeking to pitch the site.

Rates: $100-250 per assignment

3. Country

Do you live on a farm? Maybe you simply live out of town in the country? Or maybe, you leave the city or the suburbs every opportunity you get for a taste of rural life. If you’ve ever seen the city-boys-turned-ranch-hands movie City Slickers, you know some amusing and wild things is likely to happen.

And you may write about it for Country, an unique publication produced by RDA Enthusiast Brands.

Got a hilarious tale to relate, witty article on rural life, or jokes about country living? Browse the editorial calendar for subjects and themes in forthcoming issues, and pitch Copy Chief Deb Mulvey.

Rates: Up to $250 per assignment

4. EnRoute

If you want to write for Air Canada’s magazine, enRoute, you won’t find a designated place devoted to comedic writing. Wait, that’s “humour” writing for Canadian publications like enRoute. Yet comedy still has a role for teaching and enlightening readers in this vacation publication.

“We engage our readers with clever writing, insight, comedy and spot-on service journalism,” the magazine’s editorial staff informed us when we initially published this list. Read the rules and prior issues before sending a story idea to Senior Editor Caitlin Walsh Miller.

jobs for comedians

Rates: Pays $1/word CDN.

5. Grants for Writers

Freelance writing may be challenging. Ever have one of those days when you simply had to laugh it off, and go on? Earning money writing isn’t always simple, but it’s achievable when you grasp the business and technique of freelancing and work hard.

Money for Writers creator C. Hope Clark invites guest pieces for the blog about how to earn money writing. Check the criteria, and don’t skip the line for ideas on what may assist earn you an assignment: “a dash of humor, if possible; a good note and a pleasant ending.”

Rates: Pays $60 per assignment

6. The Funny Moments

Self-described “publishers and troublemakers” Ray Lesser and Susan Wolpert joke about this daily.They’ve been publishing The Funny Times for more than 30 years, and the magazine doesn’t feature any advertising. Truly, it’s not a joke.

Lesser and Wolpert stated their print newspaper mocks politics, news, relationships, gastronomy, technology, pets, work, death, environmental issues, business, religion (yes, even religion), and the human condition. Make us laugh—anything goes.

Length for tales is normally 500 to 700 words.

Rates: Pays $75 each assignment.

7. Guide

In this Christian-focused magazine for tweens and adolescents (ages 10 to 14), a little humor may help teach a lesson and create confidence to navigate those often turbulent years of puberty.

“Stories in this category employ a playful plot arc that goes beyond one-liners to uncover a character-building principle,” says Managing Editor Laura Samano.

Write what kids find funny and make it believable.”

Length for tales is normally 450 to 1,200 words.

Rates: Pays $0.07 to $0.10 per word.

8. The Imperfect Parent and Jobs for comedians

If every child came with a parenting guidebook, the world could be a different place. But that’s simply not the case, according to The Imperfect Parent.“Perfect parenting” is odd.

“The term Imperfect Parent arose from the frustration of being continually lectured to on how to be the ideal parent, and what we were doing wrong,” explains Editor Preston Carlson.

The Imperfect Parent provides parenting articles that make you think and chuckle about subjects like the joy of the school bus taking the kids away, how to handle an angry-cup-throwing toddler, how to humiliate your kids as a warped sort of punishment and control, and more.

“Anything that deals with any part of the lighter side of parenting,” adds Carlson.“Parody, humorous parenting insights, satire, ‘open letter.’ Choose one.And if you are debating whether your comedy exceeds the line, then absolutely send it in.”

Rates: Pays $25 and above

9. Minnesota Monthly Jobs for comedians

Do you know about Twin Cities, North Star state, and Upper Midwest culture?If it’s anything similar to Garrison Keillor’s Minnesota Bucket List, you’re likely to have some laugh-out-loud anecdotes to write about for Minnesota Monthly.

The editorial staff advises the easiest approach to get into this magazine is to propose articles for a First-Person or True North feature. And if you’re trying for comedy, send a whole novel, instead of a query letter.

Rate: Depending on assignment

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1o. The New Yorker and Jobs for comedians

Want to mix comic writing with fiction, but not ready to commit to authoring a full-length novel? Check out Shouts & Murmurs in The New Yorker magazine.

This isn’t essay writing. It’s pure fiction and satire like “Shakespeare, Off the Cuff,” “Trump I.Q Test,” “Family Vacation Breakdown,” and many more.

Before submitting, read Shouts & Murmurs and Daily Shouts to think like the editors.

Rates: Depending on assignment.


Being a parent is not exactly easy. Unless, of course, you’re the parent of that angelic little child who is well behaved, polite, and has never—not once—thrown a temper tantrum. LOL. Pitch a personal essay or tale to the editorial staff if you can provide parenting advice with a sense of comedy. Whether you like it or not, this bar likes authors who pitch via Submittable. An open request for contributions will be posted here soon.

$50 and higher for each task.

12. Sasee Jobs for comedians

Women’s lifestyle publication Sasee publishes articles and artwork on family life, fashion, and other topics close to Pawleys Island, South Carolina. Editor Leslie Moore states that “Essays, comedy, satire, personal experience, and stories on themes relevant to women are our core editorial emphasis.”

Rates: Vary depending on the job.

13. Weekend Evening Post and Jobs for comedians

The Saturday Evening Post, which debuted in 1897, is one of the longest-running periodicals in the United States. The Lighter Side, a recurring comedy segment, is also included. A man’s difficult connection with his wood heater, the challenges of growing cows, and spring break customs that are about as entertaining as a prostate exam are a few hilarious contributions to go to for inspiration.

Research the requirements and previous articles for The Lighter Side before submitting a proposal to the editorial board.

Pays $25 and above for each assignment.

14. Reading Digest and Jobs for comedians

If you haven’t lately perused a copy of Reader’s Digest, you should know that it has changed significantly since the publication’s debut in 1920. While it is still just half as big as a conventional magazine, the makeover was made to make it more competitive with general interest and lifestyle publications. Jokes, puns, quotations, and humorous tales produced by independent authors are a frequent fixture.

Pays $25 to $100 for each task.

How to be paid to write funny and Jobs for comedians

If you are hired to write comedy for magazines, blogs, and other outlets that value humor, satire, and clever jokes, follow these steps:

Read the instructions. Each of the websites on this list offers instructions on how to submit funny writing. Also, each market has a somewhat distinct set of regulations.

Examine older publications and website material. It’s really the only way to start thinking like an editor and understand the style of your market.

Draft and edit your pitch. You spend time crafting a strong pitch after having a wonderful idea. Nevertheless, wait to send it until you have proofread it. Take a rest, then read your work again. To prevent less-than-funny errors, you might also ask another writer to check your pitch before you send it out.

Accept criticism. Don’t give up if an editor rejects your submission in their response. Read up on the book, figure out how to do better, and try again.

Carry on. Even established authors get rejection or never hear back from editors. Take it in stride and go on. It’s a game of numbers. Sending out more pitches will increase your chances of getting a job.

Want to start creating humor? Post a comment below, and let’s discuss it!

Furthermore, have a look at our guide to entry-level freelance writing employment if you’re seeking for additional money-making opportunities.

The blog editor for Earn a Living Writing is Evan Jensen. He trains for another 100-mile race when he’s not meeting a writing deadline or catching up on emails.

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