What Does Snapchat’s Hourglass Mean?

Hourglass Mean

Hourglass Mean Emojis that are added next to usernames to signify various things are one of Snapchat’s distinctive features that promote user engagement.

What Does Snapchat’s Hourglass Mean?

The hourglass emoji is one that has caused considerable misunderstanding. What does it really mean?

Hourglass emojis are connected to your Snapchat streak, which counts how often you talk to certain individuals on your friends list, similar to how fire emojis are connected to your streak.

If you don’t know what a Snapstreak is or what these emojis imply, keep reading. This essay will cover all the information you want about maintaining your Snapstreaks and comprehending the significance of various well-known emojis.

How Do Snapstreaks Work?

You must first comprehend Snapstreaks in order to learn more about the hourglass emoji.

Sending a snap to a different user at least once every day for at least three days straight will start you on a snapping streak. Then, when that takes place, a fire emoji will appear next to that username.

You must trade photos at least once every 24 hours to keep the streak going. Keep in mind that for the streak to continue, you both must send snaps. Users are enticed to utilize the app often by this entertaining feature.

Along with the fire emoji, you will notice a number that indicates how many days your streak has lasted. The streak will stop and the fire emoji will vanish if you don’t send each other any photographs for 24 hours.

What Is the Meaning of the Hourglass Emoji?

Snapchat will show you an hourglass emoji next to the fire emoji to inform you that your 24-hour Snapstreak window is about to expire.

The hourglass emoji is there to serve as a reminder for you to continue your snap streak.

If you haven’t recently sent someone a snap, the hourglass will show. Snapstreaks last for 24 hours at a time, therefore you have 1 day to maintain the streak. The appears to warn you that you’re running out of time and that the streak could end since the timer restarts each time you send a snap.

Hourglass Mean

Hourglass in Snapchat

Your streak will expire if you don’t respond to this emoji right away. How much time do you really have?

The hourglass indicator will display after it has been 20 hours since your previous snap exchange on the Snapstreak timer. This indicates that before the streak ends, you and your pal have around four hours to attempt to extend it.

You have two options: send out snaps immediately now, or let your streak come to an end if you want the hourglass emoji to vanish.

How to Keep a Snapstreak Going

You need to swap pictures in order to continue your streak. Naturally, not all interactions on Snapchat are considered snaps.

Using the camera button, you may send communications known as snaps. This indicates that although text and voice communications do not count toward your Snapstreak, images and video recordings do.

The following interactions do not count toward the Snapstreak:

  • Group Chats,
  • Spectacles Memories,
  • Snapchat Stories

What Should You Do If Your Snapstreak Ends?

Even if both you and your companion contributed photos, your Snapstreak may have vanished due to an app problem.

If you think a mistake caused your Snapstreak to vanish, you can:

  • Visit the Support section of Snapchat.
  • Locate the ‘My Snapstreak Disappeared’ option.
  • Complete the required fields.
  • Once you’ve completed this, you’ll need to wait a little while before the Support responds and assists you with your problem. Snapchat will outline the guidelines for maintaining your Snap Streak after you respond with a message.

Final Reflections

You can have far less time than four hours to maintain the streak if you don’t immediately notice the hourglass. So get in touch with your pal and attempt to swap photos as soon as you can.

Sadly, streaks might vanish as a result of system malfunctions or occupied pals who aren’t keeping up with their normal Snapchat activity. But if you’re serious about keeping up a lengthy streak, it’s as simple as making sure to send each other photos at least once per day.

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