Fiverr’s Source File

FIVERR source file is a completed product that may be customized and was created by a freelancer on Fiverr. It might be a Word document (doc, docx), Photoshop file (PSD), Illustrator file (ai), InDesign file (INDD), HTML file, PHP file, etc.

For the following kind of work, source files are often necessary:

  • Drawings and artwork for graphic design
  • Design for Online & Apps Packaging & Covers
  • Writing, translation, and print design
  • Aesthetic Animation
  • Voice Over Software, etc.

A buyer may or may not need a source file when placing an order on Fiverr. There can be an extra fee if the customer requests a source file.


As an example, a customer requested the creation of a logo. The finished logo will be sent to the customer in either PNG or JPG format. But, the customer must request the “Source File” if they need the original design file that was produced in Adobe Illustrator. And if it’s not already included in the gig package, it will cost them more money.

Several files might potentially be included in the source file. For instance, a logo designer may provide the file in the formats you want, including PSD, AI, EPS, and SVG.

several sources for the same logo
As you can see in the picture up above, I purchased a number of source files in a variety of formats, including AI, PSD, EPS, SVG, etc. While I need to use various tools to design it, this logo is really the same.

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The end result might be a PDF file if a customer pays someone to create an article or blog post. Nonetheless, the freelancer may provide the job as a “Word Document,” for example, a doc file, if the client requests a source file for this order. The source file in this instance is the doc file.

Simply said, source files may always be edited.

A vendor may submit a non-editable file as the source file example,” but a buyer will not understand it. because they were included in the “Attachment” section for the buyer.

How do I make a source file for Fiverr?

There is really no need to create a source file in another location or a different way if you are a seller on Fiverr and worked for your client.

The final product you already produced is the what is vector file in fiverr. When delivering the order, simply upload the file to your order page.
It can be any graphic file, a document file, or something else, as was already mentioned.
As the source file, upload your Word document if you are a writer. If you are a programmer, upload your PHP, JS, or other custom-written code.

Does my logo require the source file?

You need your logo’s source files if you’re a buyer and want to order a gig to design a logo. Otherwise, the designer may send a PNG or JPG file of the logo.
However, you also need at least the AI file if you’re serious about the logo (Illustrator).

The logo might also be downloaded from the internet by malicious individuals and given to you. However, it would be difficult to provide another person’s logo if you requested an AI file. You can edit the AI how to get source file from canva in the future if you have it. For instance, you could alter the color or make design changes. Furthermore, other designers can work on it if you give them the AI file.


collaborating for better services
However, if all you have is a PNG or JPG version of the logo, you won’t be able to edit or update it in the future or change it to another format like SVG.
To sum up, you require the source files for your logo.

What is the Fiverr source file for a logo design?

Illustrator, PSD (Photoshop), EPS, and SVG files are all acceptable types of how to send source file on fiverr for logo designs. The colors, shapes, and other elements needed to create the logo are all contained in the source file. And it can always be changed.

There is no need to purchase the SVG file separately if you are purchasing the Illustrator file. because creating and saving an SVG file from an AI file only takes five seconds. If you’re not tech savvy, however, you could provide them separately.

Remember that a logo will typically be used on the website, the invoice, print materials, etc.
The best file for a logo on the web is SVG, followed by PNG.

what is source file in programming on your setup and level of expertise, uploading an SVG file to your website may also be a little more difficult. The logo must therefore be provided in both PNG and SVG formats. PNG is the next option to try if you can’t upload SVG.

A JPG file should never be uploaded as your logo. Considering that JPG lacks transparency and will interfere with other background colors on your website.
Make sure you have the Illustrator (AI) file for your logo design, to finish (also PNG & SVG).

On Fiverr, what does “Source File” vs. “Vector File” mean?

Simply put, a vector file is an Adobe Illustrator (AI) file. Verify that you also ordered the “Vector File” as the source file if you ordered a logo or any other graphic assets from Fiverr.

However, if the graphic file must be created in Photoshop, a PSD file is required rather than a vector file.

If not, you’ll have to start over and won’t be able to edit the graphic or logo again.
If you don’t already know, a vector-based file (AI) never fades or blurs. Conversely, pixel-based designs like Photoshop design (PSD) can lose resolution as the size is increased.


It will cost you extra money because the source file on source file format is typically “Package Extra.” But it’s worthwhile for a variety of reasons. The source file is essential, especially for tasks involving graphic design and programming. Source files are evidence of your original work and are used for future modifications.



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