How to disable Instagram’s Active Status: hide instagram Online Status

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How Can I Disable My Instagram Activity Status?

How to turn off active status on instagram website or mobile app is covered in this post. We’ll also discuss the reasons why you might want to do that as well as the results if you do.

On the Instagram website or mobile app, this article explains how to disable your active status. We’ll also consider the reasons for it and the results if you do it.

How to hide your online status in instagram toggle to stop sharing your online status by a few clicks or taps in your account settings.

Turn off the website’s active status

From the desktop website, follow these instructions:

1. From the profile symbol in the top right corner of the page, select Settings from the drop-down menu.

 2. From the left panel, select Privacy and Security.

3.  Choose the Display Activity Status option from the right side of the screen to uncheck the box. The modification will automatically save and take effect right away.

    On mobile devices, disable Active Status.

This setting is referred to by the same name in the Instagram app—Show Activity Status—but accessing it differs somewhat from how it does on the website.

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  1. By choosing your profile photo from the bottom menu, you can access your page.
  2. Choose Settings from the three-lined menu at the top.
  3. On the subsequent page, tap Activity Status, followed by Privacy.
  4. To quickly turn it off, tap Display Activity Status or use the toggle to the right of it.


Another setting on the app might be of interest to you. To prevent someone you’re conversing with from seeing if you’re both active in the same chat, disable Show when you’re active together from the same screen as step 4. Display Activity Status is not a requirement for this setting.

What affects active status’s disabling?

How to hide your online status on instagram it’s turned on, it allows users you follow and individuals you message to see when you last used Instagram, as well as whether you’re using it right now. You can stop the function by following the instructions above if you’d prefer not to provide that information, either for reasons of general privacy or to prevent feeling pressured to reply to communications.

You should be aware that if you disable it, you will also lose access to the status of other accounts.

You cannot, for example, turn off active status simply on your phone while leaving it on for your computer or tablet because this setting affects all devices linked into your account.

Other Instagram Privacy Tips

Making your account more private is not limited to simply turning off the feature that allows users to see when you’re online. By keeping your posts hidden from users who aren’t followers, you can also make your Instagram account private. In this way, your pictures and videos will only be visible to users who have your account’s explicit permission to see them.

Another choice is to conceal your Instagram pictures. It’s simple to archive your images so that only you can see them (as is making them public again).


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