How can I tell whether an array in PHP is empty?

array in PHP

How to Use PHP to Check whether an Array Is Empty

Array in PHP in this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the process of determining whether an check if array has empty values php is empty.

Array in PHP

In PHP, there are a couple different ways to determine if an array is empty. We will briefly discuss the not operator, the empty and count functions in this lesson.

Before moving on to a block of code, you may need to determine if an php check if array has values is empty depending on your objective. You may, for instance, demand that the array be empty. Another reason is because before moving further, you may want to verify if the array includes data.

Before writing any code, you may check to verify whether an array is empty by using one of the alternatives listed below. The approach you select will depend on your particular preferences since they are all effective. For instance, if you are unclear if the variable will exist at all, utilising the empty function would be better.

Making use of the empty Function

The empty function will be the first technique I discuss. The empty function may be used to determine if a variable is empty, but in this instance, we’ll use it on an array.

Due to the fact that it only takes one variable, the syntax for empty functions is relatively simple. The php empty you want to check to see whether it’s empty will be the variable you provide to the function. Depending on whether the array is empty, the method will either return true or false.

To test the empty method, we build an empty array in the code below. The array variable and our empty function are both included in an if statement that we also build. We anticipate the echo to send our string to the browser or terminal since our array is empty.

The output that results from running the script above is shown below. The array should no longer be empty, therefore if you add an element to it and then run the script again, you shouldn’t get any output.

Using the count Function

Another method to determine if an array is empty is to use the count function. A countable object or array’s elements will all be counted by the count function. You may use count to determine how many items are in an array since an empty array will have zero elements.

The count function’s syntax is seen below. Just the first parameter is necessary out of the two that the function takes.

  • A countable object or check if array is empty php laravel is expected as the first parameter.
  • The mode is anticipated by the second optional parameter. The mode may be changed from COUNT NORMAL to COUNT RECURSIVE. It is set to COUNT NORMAL by default. Recursively counting the array is accomplished by selecting the recursive option, which is crucial for multidimensional arrays.
  • The function will finally output an int (the final count).

The count function may be used to determine if an array is empty using the code that is shown below. To test, we first build an empty array. Second, we have an if statement that checks to see whether the array’s count is zero (empty), at which point the block’s function is executed. We echo that the php check if object is empty is empty inside the code block.

As our array is empty, the count method will provide a value of 0. If the if condition is satisfied, the echo statement will be executed, producing the results seen below.

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array in PHP

Application of the not (!) Operator

In this example, the not (!) operator is used to determine if an array is empty. We may use the not operator to convert the value of an empty array, which evaluates to false, to true.

We build an empty array called exampleArray in the example below. We have a condition in our if clause that applies the not operator to invert the outcome of the empty php check if array is not empty. Hence, the empty array will evaluate to true rather than false.

As our array is empty, our script’s output will be as predicted and read as follows. If you want to be sure the condition in the if statement is true, try adding one element to the array.


I believe you now have a solid knowledge of how to determine if an empty array php w3schools is empty. We discussed a variety of check-performing techniques, and you may apply any of them to get the desired outcome.

The PHP programming language still has a lot to be discovered. For instance, I suggest reading our lesson on the fundamentals of arrays in PHP. There are a tonne of functions available that may be used to handle php check if string is not empty.

If you find a mistake or if anything critical is missing from this tutorial, please let us know.

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